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Benefits of Home Sleep Test

You should not trust your suspicion, and when you think that you are suffering from sleep apnea, you will ensure that you perform a sleep diagnosis. There are two options that you can choose from when you want to test for the sleep apnea. You may decide to use the polysomnogram or the home sleep test. The polysomnogram will be performed in a sleep test lab and a technologist will need to supervise you overnight. Though the home sleep test will mean that you conduct the test all by yourself. Therefore, you will use the kit overnight at your place when you sleep. The HST is simple and easy to use. The home sleep test is the commonly used sleep test methods. The home sleep test has many advantages and they are explained more here in this article.

You will prefer the HST because of the cost-effectiveness. The home sleep test is cheaper than the PSGs. therefore, most patients that are paying from their pockets will like the idea of choosing the home sleep test. Because the home sleep test is cheaper, insurance companies are also preferring it. Many insurance companies will ask for the HST as a sleep test program as the first choice, before any other option.

The other advantage of the home sleep test becomes of its accessibility and comfort. Choosing the home sleep test is far much more convenient and comfortable. The idea of sleeping in the sleep lab overnight is not something that any will like. You may also be living in a remote location, so reaching the sleep center that is located in town can be expensive. It will also be tricky to spend in a sleep lab when you have other medical conditions.

It is easier to schedule for the home sleep test. Instead of booking a bed at the sleep lab, you can opt for scheduling the home sleep test. There are a specific number of beds at the sleep center, and this will limit the number of people that can be attended to per night. When you opt for the sleep test in the lab, you will have to be monitored by technologists. the maximum number of patients that a single technologist can monitor is three patients.

When you are asleep apnea patients with high risk, then the home sleep test is a better choice. Besides the idea that the home sleep test is used for high-risk apnea patients, it can as well be used to measure the extent of the condition.

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