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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Center

No one is ever prepared to get a court order for drug abuse and mental health assessment. You need to find the right facility to carry out the assessment. Here are some of the factors to help you find a good drug abuse evaluation facility.

You should look at the experience and the credentials of the evaluator who is going to handle your case. To know if the drug and alcohol evaluation center you are choosing is the right one you need to make sure the evaluator they have employed is a qualified and experienced professional. Before choosing any center you need to look at the credentials of the evaluator, if the information cannot be given then you need to look for another evaluation center. The evaluator should also tell you the number assessments he or she has performed.

you should consider whether the evaluator is in private practice or working for a treatment program. While an evaluator in a treatment program will work in an inpatient setting. A private practice evaluator is not going to have the financial incentive to refer you to their treatment program but an evaluator in a treatment program is going to be able to send you to their facility for treatment. You should pick one that is going to be right by you. You might end up being under-diagnosed or undertreated if you choose a private evaluation who has never been in a treatment program before.

You need to consider is the evaluation facility you are going to choose will give you a report that is going to specifically be for your case. In case you choose an evaluation center that is only going to fill in the checklist then the court will view the evaluation as unprofessional and make a conclusion that it was done fast. You need an evaluation center that is not going to consider your assessment as something done just to complete the process. You need to ensure your alcohol and drug evaluation is going to be done in a professional way.

You need to consider if the evaluator is going to let another person see the report before it is presented to the court. It is mandatory that you ensure your healthcare records are going to be kept private and protected by the federal law. It is not allowed by law that the doctor should release your alcohol and drug evaluation report to anyone else before it is taken to the court. Consider the factors mentioned above when looking for the right drug and alcohol evaluation center.

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