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Reasons why you should Wear Orthodontic Retainers

It is vital to wear orthodontic retainers so that you will maintain your teeth healthy and straight for years. Different types of orthodontic retainers usually play different roles. Depending on your needs, you can invest in removable or permanent retainers. There are very many advantages you will be able to enjoy when you wear orthodontic retainers. A major benefit you will realize when you wear orthodontic retainers is that you will retain your beautiful smile. Your confidence and self-esteem can be boosted by having a straight smile. A straight smile also helps a person look more attractive, successful and trustworthy. When you keep wearing orthodontic retainers, you will ensure that you will that smile healthy and straight. There are custom-made retainers that are made to fit your mouth and avoid relapse. The first month after receiving orthodontic treatment, your teeth may go back to their crooked shape. You will maintain the structure of your teeth for the rest of your life when you wear orthodontic retainers.

An added advantage of wearing orthodontic retainers is that they offer additional treatment. A lot of people who need dental care usually suffer from conditions like bruxism. These people suffer from symptoms like grinding and clenching of teeth at night. Such patients are fitted with retainers that provide a buffer between the teeth that grind together. This helps in keeping your teeth stronger and preventing wear and tear and teeth fractures. You may also get a chance to keep your teeth aligned by wearing orthodontic retainers. You may suffer from jaw pain in a case where your mouth doesn’t open and close properly. You will also experience more difficulty when speaking, swallowing and chewing. When you wear retainers, however, you are able to ensure that the jawline will stay in line and this will help you avoid this pain.

Another benefit you will enjoy when you wear orthodontic retainers is that there are permanent options available. It may be possible for you to wear permanent retainers in a case where you don’t want to wear your retainers every night. Permanent retainers are usually placed behind the upper and the lower teeth. In a case where you easily forget to wear or if you easily misplace your retainers, this will be a great option for you. Wearing orthodontic retainers will make it easy for you to keep your straight smile for the rest of your life. You will also avoid developing cavities by wearing orthodontic retainers. Your teeth will be properly aligned in this case. Cleaning and chewing of food becomes easier in this case. Being able to chew food properly will ensure that you will get more nutrients from the food you eat.

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